What is life? What is the purpose of your life?

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One of the hardest things in the universe is not to understand the universe but is to know ourselves. Life is changing daily. People are born and dying. Living organisms are mutating to their upgrade versions, and this process keeps going.

Now the humans mutated and multiple its population daily. The increase in a population decrease in land, resources, and nature. So, humans are born only to use these resources up to their death time, or there is something more than this.

Do you know why you born? What is the purpose of you coming here? You have life, so you have to live or there is some meaning of your existence? Have you ever ask yourself “who am I”?

To know this answer, let’s first understand what life is.

What is life?

Whenever anything comes into existence is called life. It can be any living organism, any object which has mass or any particles. Everything has a life.

The time between the existence of an object from it’s born to death is called life. So, if anything is born then it must die. The time of life is called a lifetime.

Life Time = Death Time – Born Time

For example, earth has a life, means, it is born so it must die, and it’s a fact. Everything in this universe has its life like the sun, moon, planet, human, animals, machines, water, etc.

Purpose of your existence

By understanding life it is clear, everything born to this universe has some role and contributes to the universe. Now, the question arises, what is the purpose of existence? And why life is?

Why life is?

Everything depends on one thing and one thing depends on everything. The reason for one’s death the reason for other birth and vice-versa. 

Everything is made up of energy even the whole universe. Because the complete universe is moving, for example, galaxy, stars, planet, etc. it means energy is everywhere.

The common source of energy is an atom, which is a combination of multiple protons and electrons. Which are positive and negative charge particles respectively? This means the existence of an atom is proof of energy.

The atoms combine and form a huge mass called a molecule. A molecule combines and forms an object which has mass. These objects we can touch, feel, and see-through from our eyes. Their objects are plants, humans, animals, or any living and non-living object.

So to conclude the point, everything is made up of one single thing in different variants. The energy can neither be created not destroy only transform to one form to another. Every individual part has some meaning because the whole universe depends on that particular thing. One big thing is a result of a combination of many small things. This is why life exists. 

What is the purpose of existence?

If one thing is to destroy it transforms is other. If we see this from the other side a new thing is born.

Suppose if one thing is never gets born, then life does exist. Everything will be destroyed and the whole universe becomes zero. Every individual thing is important because one is playing a role-play of other existence. 

The conclusion is, every individual thing has a purpose for their existence because everything depends on it and it depends on everything.

What is the purpose of the existence of a living organism?

Every living organism is part of energy in different variants. The body, cells, tissues, etc. are not its own, it is transformed from others. A single living organism is a life, which is a combination of many cells and tissue. These cells and tissue have their own life. If one cell dies other born, this process keeps going until the complete organism alive.

Every cell has its own life and has a specific purpose in the body. If any tissue and group of tissue die then the part of the body gets destroyed which affects that organism.

The universe is created through many elements where living life is also a part of the universe. If all living things get death then the complete universe will either destroy or transform to other things.

The conclusion is, for the existence of a universe life should live because life is a part of the universe.

What is the purpose of the existence of a human?

Every human is equivalent in the eye of a universe because every human is born for a purpose. This purpose is the existence of a universe. If any human born it means some energy transfer to one form and if it dies, one form is transformed too many. It may be possible one human is a part of many humans who die earlier.

In today’s time, the world is divided into seven continents, and the continent is further divided into 128 countries, and its further division into the state, city, street, area, locality, etc. Even everything is created from one thing.

The social issue of humans

People build their community on the bases of race, caste, religion, color, gender, area, workplace, education place, living place, etc. Everyone wants to be with there their type of human on the bases of their community not on the bases of their mind. This creates unnecessary discrimination in human life.

Everything has the same but still, people want division in their life. This raises an unnecessary social issue.

Is human are same?

People thinking they are different from others, but the reality is they all are the same. Every man, woman, child, white people, black people, people of any religion and caste, country, continent, etc. everyone is the same because every human has the same liquid blood with different genes. Not only the human, are even every living organism the same. Fish, plant, human, animals, reptiles, bacteria, parricide, etc.

Every living organism is the same because it’s created from the same thing.

The main difference of a human

The main difference between humans is the mind. The thoughts, thinking, pleasure, desire, needs, etc. everything is related to mind is the different from every individual.

The life of human in today’s time

The new baby was born. The baby gets the name that their parents give them. This baby learns the first language which is the native language of its parents. The baby gets the family name (surname) automatically when its name first registers to school. The building of the community starts here.

The first lesson of life

When this baby reaches class first, he/she learn the first lesson of life. This first lesson is to study.

The second lesson of life

As the baby grows up, he/she learn the second lesson of life i.e. the competition and comparison. The baby learns to score more to get a high position because if they do not get a high score then, their age group of children will not give them attention, respect, special feeling. As time pass, this grown baby become a person and comes to know that everything is the education, the person who study well and score high will become a happy and satisfied person of the world.

The third lesson of life

When this person completes its education, he/she learn the third lesson of life which is money. Now the person comes to know about the money. To get money, this person starts its journey to get a good job. While finding a job this person again learns the second lesson of life i.e. the competition and comparison. Only those people will get a job who proves themselves a better candidate than others. This is not a big issue because a person is trained from childhood about this.

The big issue is, everyone who completes their education will competing on the same thing. The first thing is the money and the second thing is the job. There is a limited career field and everyone is competing in these limited fields. For example a government sector job, software development job, sales, and marketing job, doctor, engineering, etc. Everyone wants the same.

The probability of an individual is to get the job depends on the training of lesson two.

The fourth lesson of life

Once the person gets the job, now they learn the fourth lesson of life i.e. to get married. To get marriage lesson two, the competition and comparison again come to existence.

To get a good husband, girls need to be beautiful then other and father must be rich.

To get a good wife, a man should have a good job in a high pay scale.

The fifth lesson of life

When the person grows old, then they know to have good wealth and more money for the future.

The sixth lesson of life

In old age after retirement, the person knows the real lesson of life i.e. the death.

The meaning of life

The real meaning of life is to live. This is what life is.

Life is not the meaning of any of the lesson language, community, competition and comparison, money, education, wealth, and even death. Life is to live peace, happiness, enjoy, love, experience.

Death is the truth of life. It’s not the lesson, it’s a fact. It only shows the value of life. Death not a meaning of life, it’s a part of life.

The reason for human existence

If a human gets a life its means it’s a part of life and a universe. Every action of a human affects the universe because the complete universe is effect by these actions.

Humans are the most intelligent species in the world. Human action can affect the universe whether it’s good or bad. Therefor its human responsibility to gives some good contribution to life, so that new life could grow better.

The welfare of other species depends on the human. If a human can then the other species will grow otherwise they will destroy one day. For example, many species were gone because of human need, requirement, and desire. These species like birds, lions, elements, and other animals.

So, it is a human responsibility to live well and make life to others.


Arvindo is an entrepreneur who started Syncens. He believes in change instead of being endured. He has his own thought, principle, and purpose in life.

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