How to get success through Syncens Passion Graph 2023

One of the biggest problems in today’s life is, people not liking their work. This work can be a study or a job for earning money. The reason for not liking their work is the absence of emotions towards their work. If they will not like what they do, then how will they be good at their work and achieve success in it.

If people are in the field of work in which they are emotionally attached, then they will like their work. If their emotion will attach to their work, they will be passionate about it and love it.

What is passion?

The strong and barely controllable emotion which does not lapse with time is called passion. Passion is all about an emotion, which you cannot control. Passion helps you to fulfil your desire.

If you like to do something and always thinking about it, and if you do so and then feel satisfaction and want to do it again and again repeatedly. Then you can say that this is not your interest it’s your passion. The work that fulfil your desire every time, that’s your passion.

For example: If you like to ride a bike and every time you get the feeling of the first time of your riding, then it is your passion. This passion never gets less with time. Even if you ride your bike after 5 years you will get the feeling of the first time.

What is love?

Strong emotion without any expectation and condition is called love. It can be one-sided without any expectation of getting same from the other.

For example, You have a dog in your home and you love him without any expectation and condition. This dog is more attracted to your younger brother than you. Still, you do not expect it to love you more than your brother. This is called love.

Passion vs Love

Passion and love are two strong emotions but the emotion which you can’t control is a passion, while love is, when you are not expecting anything in any condition from others.

How to get success?

Achievement of the desired goal is called success. Any dream, task, work, etc. like cracking job interviews is known as success. It is always for a short time, can come in multiple phases.

When success turns into passion it makes you successful.

For example, If you create a very good painting and it’s become very popular then it is a success. But if you learn all the painting skills and you’re every paining getting popular then you are a successful painter.

One of the hardest things in the universe is to get success and become successful in life. Very few people are able to achieve that. Because people mostly focus on success, not towards the steps of success.

Syncens provide a way (a success blueprint) which will help you to identify the ways of success. According to Syncens, success is not a thing which one can get, instead, it’s the journey which you cover while moving in the direction of success, means the actual steps leading you to success.

The solution which Syncens provide is ‘Syncens Passion Graph’.

Syncens Passion Graph

Syncens present a graph called ‘Syncens Passion Graph’ (SPG), which helps to identify the path of success. According to Syncens, ‘Syncens Passion Graph’ you can know by yourself whether you are on the way to success or not. If you are on the right path then only you will be able to achieve success otherwise it will be very hard or success can never be achieved.

Syncens Passion Graph
Syncens Passion Graph

‘Syncens Passion Graph’ is divided into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant specifies the phases of your life and work. This graph will help you to identify which quadrant you are in. If you find yourself towards a failure curve then identifying your problem can help you move from the failure quadrant towards a success quadrant.

Understanding the Syncens Passion Graph

In the ‘Syncens Passion Graph’, the X-axis is replaced by a ‘direction’, and Y-axis is replaced by ‘love’.

Quadrant I:  (Right direction, Yes love)

Quadrant II:  (Wrong direction, Yes love)

Quadrant III:  (Wrong direction, No love)

Quadrant IV:  (Right direction, No love)

Here ‘direction’ means the field/stream you have chosen is right or not. In other words, the direction you are moving will lead you towards your passion or not. Example: the course/stream you have chosen in class 10 and will choose after class 12 will lead you towards your interest.

Whereas ‘love’ means whatever you are doing is what you really like. Example: the c you have chosen in class 10 and will choose after class 12, could you identify your interest in that. Can you work on it throughout your life with passion?

Meaning of quadrant of Syncens Passion Graph

Quadrant I:  (Right direction, Yes love) – Success Quadrant

If you lie in this quadrant, then it means you are in the right direction, which will lead you towards success in your life. This quadrant is the path of your success. 

If you love what you are doing and happy with that, also if you know the future scope and benefit of your work means right direction, then you are in this quadrant.

If you find yourself in this quadrant, then you are one of the luckiest persons in this world because one day you will find yourself a successful person.

The rate of your success can be defined by your hard work and smart work in this quadrant. The probability of your success can be calculated by ‘Syncens Success Graph’, which we will discuss later.

Note: This quadrant will lead you towards success but it does not mean you are a successful person yet. To get the success you need to calculate the probability of success through ‘Syncens Success Graph’ and apply it in your life.

Quadrant II:  (Wrong direction, Yes love) – Struggle Quadrant

Quadrant II is only a hard work quadrant and never lead you towards success.

If you love your work but you don’t know the scope of your work or have lack of knowledge of your work’s career options, then you lie in this quadrant. This quadrant is a trap of your success because if you do not know what to actually do, then you will never get success.

This case arises when you listen to your heart but do not have any career option.

For example, If you are passionate about painting and have very good artistic skills but have no knowledge of how to earn money through it. Then you will do hard work throughout your life in the hope of success but you will never achieve it.

Syncens Passion Graph
Syncens Passion Graph

Quadrant IV:  (Right direction, No love) – Stable Quadrant

where you will get what you need but never be happy with that. This quadrant is known as a stable quadrant. If you find a stable job, stable life career, and stable family then you lie in this quadrant.

Here you have a very deep understanding of your work, have experience, knowledge, and future scope of your work but you do not find your job interesting.

If you want a simple life like a common person, this quadrant is good for you but never leads you towards a successful life.

If you want to get the success you need to move from quadrant IV to quadrant I.

Quadrant III:  (Wrong direction, No love) – Failure Quadrant

It is the most dangerous quadrant. This quadrant will lead you towards failure instead of success.

If you don’t like your work and even don’t know the benefit and scope then you lie in this quadrant. You are moving in the exact opposite direction of success.

For example below class II government job, home or office servant, watchmen, etc.

In this quadrant, you can only see other’s success but never experience yours. If you find yourself in this quadrant, then you need to move either towards quadrant II or IV first, because it is almost impossible for you to move in quadrant I directly.

How to switch between quadrants in Syncens Passion Graph

If you are in quadrant I of ‘Syncens Passion Graph’, then you do not need to move in any other quadrant. You are already on the stairs of success, just you only need to focus on your goal and follow the ‘Syncens Success Graph’ (SSG).

Move from Quadrant IV (Stable Quadrant) to Quadrant I (Success Quadrant)

These decisions are hard because if you are in a stable position, you might be in your comfort zone, so it will be hard to leave that stability.

Suppose you are a software developer and earn a good salary. You know your work, have the experience and have the ability to adopt any new technology. In this case, your life is stable because you have skills and can switch to any company which offers you a better package. You can easily get promotion and incentives.

After doing that for a long time you have everything you need. You have a good lifestyle, friends, environment, etc.

But after a few years, you will realize you are getting very little according to your capability. You are financially strong but suddenly you realize you need your own business. Because a job can give you easy money but the business can give you freedom.

To build your own business, you can start it along with your current job but you might face some problems.

The problem in starting a business with a job

  • In India, working hours are quite long in job and you usually won’t have enough time to enjoy your life. The extra time you get will soon over in relaxing your body. So you will not get time to do business with job.
  • If you start your business late or do not work over your business idea now then there is a chance of someone else having similar idea start its business, thus dominating the market. Because in today’s time, competition is very high. Now a days everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.
  • A good business idea needs efficient teamwork more than investment.

By identifying these problems, you came to know that you need to quit your job to start a successful business. The idea of quitting your job brings fear inside you because it is very hard for you to leave your stable life for a challenging life.

But if you do so then only you will be able to move to quadrant I i.e. the success quadrant of Syncens-Passion-Graph’.

Trap to move from Quadrant IV to Success Quadrant

If you have a very good understanding of your passion, then it’s a good decision to move to Success quadrant. But if do not know much about your love and if you quit your current work, you may switch to quadrant II instead of success quadrant.

In this example, if you have a good business model, can solve problems and you are a fast learner. Then only it will be a good decision of yours to quit your job. You also, need to have some backup plans before quitting because it may happen that your business fails. You need to be ready for that.

Only when you understand these traps and apply to your life, then it will be a good decision. Otherwise, continue your business with your job and wait for the right time.

Move from Quadrant II to Quadrant I (Success Quadrant)

In this quadrant, you do not need to take any hard decision because you already have chosen your love path.

Suppose you have a passion of sketching and painting. From your childhood, you have enjoyed and focused more on art than study. Somehow you completed your graduation. But now you only make paintings.

You make paintings because you love it but you don’t know how to make money from it. Your life becomes a struggle and hard because love makes you happy but you need to survive in life. Lack of money brings you into depression.

The career you have chosen is your passion but you do not have any direction. If you get the information about all the possible things about getting money, then you will move to Success quadrant. But you do not need to leave your career you need to upgrade your career.

This information you can get through internet, blogs, or by asking people how they doing in this field. You can learn/observe how others  make money through painting. You can also do a small course on making money through art.

You need to create a good portfolio, create a small website, and upload all your paintings. Do online sales and provide a small form where people can place order for making their painting.

You also need to do digital marketing for promoting your website. You also need to create multiple social media account where you have to show your creativity.

You need to figure out what you can do to grow. In this quadrant, you only need a good direction. If you make a good direction and a future scope of your career, you can move to success quadrant.

Trap to move from quadrant II to success Quadrant

If you do not figure out the right direction and leave what you love then you will move to quadrant III i.e. failure quadrant.

If you figure out the direction but in some other career instead of your love career, then you will move to quadrant IV i.e. struggle quadrant.

Move from Quadrant III to Quadrant I (Success Quadrant)

If you are in failure quadrant i.e. quadrant III, then you can move to quadrant I only by 2 possible ways

First, move to quadrant II then to success quadrant – Identify your passion and choose the career.

Second, move to quadrant IV then to success quadrant – Identify the direction and be a master in any one skill.                                                                                          

You can never move directly from Quadrant III to Success Quadrant because there is no direct way.


Success becomes easy if you choose the right direction and work on you passion. To choose the right direction, Syncens helps you by providing you ‘Syncens Passion Graph’.

‘Syncens Passion Graph’ is divided into four quadrants and it helps you increase your success rate. The X-axis is love and the Y-axis is direction.

Quadrant I is a ‘Success Quadrant’

Quadrant II is a ‘Struggle Quadrant’

Quadrant III is a ‘Failure Quadrant’

Quadrant IV is a ‘Stable Quadrant’

You can lie in only one of these quadrants. Identify yourself and try to find a way to move towards success quadrant, if you are not already in it.

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