How to choose the right career through Syncens Passion Graph
choose the right career

How to choose the right career through Syncens Passion Graph

There are lots of problems in current education system in India. Due to these problem it is very difficult to chose the right career. We will discuss it in deep and try to solve these problems through ‘Syncens Passion Graph‘.

The problem in the current education system in India

In today’s time, education is only to learn. We will discuss this problem in deep through these following key points

  • The data you have in your courses and books, you only have to feed it into your brain.
  • The explanation of your chapter is only a summary that you have to learn. You have to learn the answer which has been asking related to that chapter.
  • The homework you get is all about the filling copy and your brain.
  • The exam you give is only to get marks and grades.
  • Your talent thought, skills, and knowledge depends on marks.
  • The student who get good marks are a bright student and who get low marks are poor. There are poor in sense of they are garbage to society. Everyone thinks poor students will get a respectful career only bright ones can.
  • School throws out the poor student to make their name. According to school if all the bright students will study in their school then only they will become a good school.
  • Good jobs are based on marks and grades. Corporate thought only bright students can perform well and make a profit for their company.

If you see all these problems then you realize education is only for one side of people who can feed more and more data in their brain.

What problems arise due to the current education system?

These following problems arise due to the current education system, they are

  • If you feed more and more data, also train your brain to feed more data, then you will lose your thinking ability. After your study will over when the time comes to apply your education which you get trained for 15 to 20 years. You will find your brain loses the thinking ability. You have very few career options. You have to choose between them.

The problem is everyone has to choose among these careers. Which will create a war, the war of competition? Everyone has to compete with everyone because you do not have any other choice.

This is the main reason why there is a lack of entrepreneurs in India. To be an entrepreneur your brain should be empty so that there will be space to get new data and thought. If you work with your thinking instead of memory then only you will become an entrepreneur otherwise not and never.

  • If you focus only on marks, then it will bring a feeling of competition among you. You will focus on how to beat others through study instead of learning what your subject was design to teach you.

You will not focus on what capably you have. You will focus on beating others in which they are strong. If you do this for 15 years then one day you will see yourself as a useless person. Because you have never discovered your passion, interest, and love.

  • If you think poor students are garbage towards society, then it will be a mistake. Because of all the discoveries, innovations, big brands, and entrepreneurs are most of them are poor students.

For example. Albert Einstein, Thomas Albert Edition, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc.

  • The bright student who gets jobs will perform well because they have the memory power, then lean their work, ‘How to do’? But they cannot ‘what to do’? Because it needs to be thought and thinking.

Bright student works for the average student because the average or poor student only focusing on using their mind instead of memorizing the thing.

Conclusion of the current education system

By understanding these problems in deep, it is clear. This current education system will never lead us to success.

To get success and live a successful life, it is on us to choose the right thing for us which will lead to success instead of depending on the education system.

To choose the right career right path there should a tool which helps us to make we chose easy.

Syncens Passion Graph

Syncens Passion graphis a tool to identify the right career and thing which will lead us towards success. It will help to identify the path of success. According to Syncens, the ‘Syncens Passion Graph is to know yourself whether you are on the way to success or not.

Syncens Passion Graph
Syncens Passion Graph

You can understand deep about Syncens Passion graphsin this article.

How to apply ‘Syncens Passion graph‘ for choosing the right career

This application of ‘Syncens Passion Graph‘ is discussed in two-phase.

Phase 1: love, passion or desire

Case 1: If interest in the study

  • Chose the subject which you love the most.
  • Chose the stream in which your love subject lie.
  • Select as minimum subject as you can
  • Remove all the unnecessary subjects you don’t love or do not have any kind of interest in it.
  • If you have to take an unnecessary subject then, don’t waste your time studying it, just get a passing number and ignore it.
  • Now you have only one target i.e. your desire subject. Study more as you can.

According to Syncens, be average on what you don’t like but be great on what you love. Do not stick to being good, better, and best because a great person is a grate because of achieving what they love and desire instead of competing with others.

Case 2: If don’t have any interest in the study but in something else

  • Choose your desire to work what you love.
  • Follow the steps in case 1 to remove the unnecessary subject.
  • Do not waste your time on study. Study only to get just passing marks.

Case 3: If you do not figure out your passion

  • Fallow cases 1 and 2 to remove irrelevant studies.
  • Just go for the thing in which you have some knowledge.

Phase 2: Right Direction

You have to figure out your love. It’s time to go in the right direction. To move in the right direction you have to follow these steps.

  • Getter the information of your love as much as you can.
  • Take some practical experience of your desire to love through a course and training. Join some academics.
  • Take practical experience in the corporate sector by doing an internship program at the early age of your school or graduation.
  • Focus on guttering and improving your skills.
  • Learn to make money through your skills from your school or graduation time.
  • As your skills get improving, your direction gets accurate. Learn new skills in your new direction.
  • Make some small goals of achievement. The goal makes your purpose of moving. Without purpose, you will fall to quadrant II or IV or Syncens Passion Graph”.
  • Check your success rate through Syncens Success Graph. I get closer to success, move as you are moving otherwise again fallow all the steps of direction.

This is the basic way to choose the right career

Trap in choosing career without Syncens Passion Graph

  • If you chose the career which has more scope in the future but you don’t love it, then you will fall to quadrant IV of Syncens Passion Graph”. This means you will a part of the crowd for a lifetime in hope of success but you never get success.
  • If you do not move in the right direction, you will fall to quadrant II. Your life becomes full of struggle.
  • If you don’t have an interest in the study, still you study only to complete the course and certificate you fall to failure quadrant.
  • If you do not have an interest in anything, you need to fallow the Syncens Passion graph”. Otherwise, your age will pass without any skills and experience.


Education is to give and take information and training, it’s not meant to sill your mind with information.

Thinking and thought is a part of your brain. Do not lose your thinking power by increasing your memory power.

Syncens Passion Graph” will help you to move in the right direction, use it as a tool to get success.

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