Pottery Business Model #1 no investment but big Profit secret

India is the second most populated country in the world. India’s resources are less than 60% as compared to its population. This brings poverty to the Indian economy. This affects the minds of people to struggle for money and resources. Because of this high struggle for survival, people are running towards easy money. But the struggle brings easy stress rather than easy money.

People are thinking easy money can be earned through the job sector, but this is a myth. People’s minds get closed because of top competition and comparison. A job brings more comparison, problems, and hence stress. If people continue to struggle just to get a job, then one day our India will again become a slave of other countries.

In the How to think series today, we will learn how to make easy money through the pottery business model.

# How to think

Pottery Business Model

Over 60% of the population belongs to rural areas. Do you know even they have the talent to make the Indian economy one of the richest in the world?  But still, India is considered a poor country as compared to the population. The people in India are important. Every small contribution will make a sizeable difference.

Here we will show you how illiterate and poor people can also contribute to the Indian economy more than rich people.

Let’s come to the point, in this article we will show how can you start a business on a very simple and common thing i.e. “plant pottery” commonly known as Gamla. And cover an entire world through this simple business.

How to make easy money through Pottery Business

Who can start a pottery business model?

Any individual, group, a student pursuing graduation (part-time), employee (part-time), and entrepreneur as a side project. But only on one condition, if you are open to learn new skills. The investment you need is less than 4000 rupees.

What is the Market need and requirement?

The first thing we have to do is to understand and analyse the market’s need and requirement. Why people will buy plant pottery? 

In today’s time, forests are getting destroyed at a very fast pace. People are cutting plants and trees to get land in the need of expanding their society. Cities are swelling more and more, resulting in shrinkage of farm areas. The more the development increases, the less the forest and agriculture retains.

These factors increase global warming and air pollution. The more air pollution increases, the less human life survives.

Therefore, people now have started plantation in their homes because it is the only thing that can purify the air naturally. They buy plants and pottery from market to surround their homes with greenery. This brings a recent trend in today’s life. People want to decorate their homes with plants. It’s a new fashion in India. More the plant increases, the requirement of pots increases.

The beginning of the pottery business model

The story begins

Suppose that you have targeted a society and started visiting door to door. You reach the first house of the society. You knock at the door, one lady came up, you said, “Hello, madam! My name is “Chandan”. I am from “Designer Plant”. We have a very vast collection of plants and pottery”. 

You show the collection of plant pottery i.e. gamla to her from your website in your mobile phone. This brings some excitement in her. You tell her the requirement of plants in today’s time. This is very important before going further because no one will buy if you do not create the demand and requirement of your product. Here, you create the demand by telling the importance of plants in today’s life. Also you tell her about plants, how they are useful to control indoor pollution like paint fumes, air conditioner ill-effects, harmful micro-organisms etc. to which they are unknowingly exposed causing harm to their families.

Then you said to her, “We can decorate your home with our indoor and outdoor plants. We will create a rich combination of plants and pots and decorate the home according to your house design”. Now you told her about the course you did. You said, “I did an interior designing course and we have experience in that”. Then you show her the magazine and say “This is our collection magazine, we have created this from our previous orders”.

The lady might say, “It seems interesting but we do not need this right now”. This is very obvious, you will face this many times because of two primary reasons. First, you are a stranger to her and the second money factor.

Magic words of marketing

Now, you need to tell her the magic words of sale. You say, “the cost of plant lays between 50 to 500 rupees in market and pot 70 to 200 rupees. We will also take the same price from you. The actual market price”. This makes her think. You say, “We will only take 50 rupees as a service charge and 50 rupees for delivery charge”.

Now you may think what the magic word here is. The magic words are the truth, if you say the truth then people will connect to you otherwise they will judge you. The salesmen struggle in sales because they never tell the truth. Most of the times they lie to the customers.

Back to story

The lady gives the order of 500 rupees and said “Ok I will first try this and if it’s good, then later we will ask for more”. This is your first order and your first income.

Now, this may give some confusion to you. You are thinking where I got a website, my company name and all that. To make it clear, let’s go to the flashback from where you are thinking to start this gamla/pottery business model.

Flashback stories

Website story

As it is very common to have a website to start any business or to promote any product. A website is necessary because it will create a virtual identity and make you professional. Almost every business, brand, shop, school, and coaching should have a website.

You book a website with the domain name “DesignerPlant.com” up to rupees 1000 per year. Also, booked Linux shared hosting with some starter plan at rupees 100 per month. If you calculate your investment for one year, it will be approx. 2000. It is not a huge amount, I think you can bear it.

Visiting card story

Visiting card is also very important because your customer could contact you through this. If you give someone your visiting card, then two things will happen. First, they could visit your website (you provided the website address there) and can contact you over the telephone, email, WhatsApp, etc. The second thing will feed your meeting impression on the customer mind and whenever they see your visiting card, it will trigger their mind to contact you i.e. call to action.

You had made your visiting card of an amount between 100 to 300 rupees. You put your company name there as “Designer Plant” with a title of CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Now the total investment was 2300 rupees.

Pottery/Gamla story

This is a fundamental part of the business. Pottery is a very common thing, people do not understand how valuable it is. It is one of the most precious things in India, more than gold. Oh, do you miss, ok I will repeat it again it is a precious thing in India more than the gold? 

Why am I saying it again and again, it is precious. It’s just a thing created from soil. Anyone can create it, nothing hard in it. If much valuable then why not everyone creates it. Why only poor, illiterate people create it. Even they are not paid well for what they create and market value is also not good. Then why I said it is precious than gold.

It is precious because it is a handmade product. Every handmade product has a unique value in the market. Why handmade products are so costly? They are costly because it involves creativity. You can buy gold from money but you cannot buy creativity, only buy products made by creativity.

Value of handmade product

We cannot create gold, only purchase it for investment but handmade and creative products are purchased to showcase our sense of choices and satisfaction. 

Suppose you are skilled in creating designer pottery. Suppose you create pot of a human face, like a painting. Now you sell it in the market at 10,000 rupees. Suppose if your one pot takes a month to complete then after 10 years you would have created 120 pots. If you sell each at 10,000 rupees, then after 10 years you will get 12, 00,000 rupees. But not only that, as time increases your skills and creativity will also increase and income will also increase.

Now you can see the difference. If you think nobody will give a 10,000 for pottery, then why people paid millions of dollars for a single piece of a painting of Picasso. Because creativity has no limit on how much value you will get.

Note: Our business aim is pot, so our major focus will be on the pottery. But we will later explain to you all the related business you can start, which will connect to this business directly or indirectly. For this, you need to comment below to show your interest.

Back to pottery story

You went to the pottery maker and said to him, “You make pot very well. I want to offer you a deal. Do you want to increase your sale, I can help you with this”. He asked, “How do you increase my sale”? You said, “I will take an order from my customer and you will provide me the pot, the amount I will order”. “But first I want to know can you create distinct shapes of pots with distinct colours”.

He showed you the demo, and you liked it. You gave the order to create pots. But you said to him that you will pay after getting payment from the customer. You convince him by saying “Suppose if I do not get any order then you can sell it to your customer like a regular day. You will not get any loss”. The pottery maker gets convinced by you and accepts your deal. Now you are not alone, at least you have a team member.

Plant story

This is also a game-changer part. Pot business will succeed if plant requirement increases because pot depends on plants. In mathematics terms, we can say a pot is directly proportional to plant.

You offer the same deal to a plant owner. But you have to make sure that they provide you the plant of your demand within one day. 

But only this is not the case. There could be many problems which will arise here, which we will discuss later in the article.

Note: Pottery is the one side of the business, there is another side if you want to start a business from the plant side. But we will not discuss it here because it will be completely off-topic. We will discuss this in more detail in the next article. You can comment below if you have any queries.

Back to the present

Suppose you got 3 orders on day one. These orders are between 300 to 500 rupees.

You will get an order easily because people believe in the brand. They like quality products and quality services.

Home decoration

You know which plant and pot you have to set inside and outside. How to make the best combination of plant and pot according to the home area. Which plant will control the indoor pollution? Different varieties of flower plants, different varieties and designs of pots.

You know all these things because you have acquired skills on it. Now the question arises where did you get these skills. To get the answer, you need to go back to the flashback again but before the time where it’s all started.

Plant course

You have researched on plants over the internet and another plant website. And even you consult an expert about plants. You learn about plant varieties and type like a flower, indoor, outdoor, insecticide, health-benefits, etc.

Before going through the business it is very good practice to learn the core skill of your business on which your business depends.

Interior design course

Now here the checkpoint comes. This is a very important part of your business. Do not miss this.

You have invested 3-6 months on a course of interior designing. You learned how you can decorate a home by a combination of Plants and Pots. Also, how can you replace any other object with your designer pots?

You did a practice of decoration and designing in your own house. For the best result, you decorated your friends, relative and neighbours home too.

The practice is very important, it will increase your skill and make you self-confident.

Back to the present: Home decoration

You practice a lot and build enough skills in your past. Now, in your present time, you completed  your order. You got a profit of rupees 150. It does not sound much, but you earned this by investing your free or extra time or a part time.

Every big thing starts with small steps.

If you give excellent service to your customers, then they will refer you forward. Not only this, but even people will also ask about you and will contact you.

Now your business gets started here.

The 1st law of sales

According to the 3rd law of motion, if you apply force and push an object then with the same force object pushes back to you.

This is the game-changing part because if you first give something to a person then the person will return it back to you, by giving something to you.

According to the 1st law of sales, if you provide free samples and service to a customer then in return customers will return to you, by purchasing your product. We will discuss this in more detail in the next article. You can comment below the thing where you want to apply it.

To boost your sales, you can provide a free demo to your customer. If they like your product and service then, it will increase the chances of your sales.

You can even use here the magnet formula to increase your sales. If you want to know how a magnet formula works, then you need to see our blog https://syncens.com/ice-cream-business/  and YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk58QbPT5UQ of “how to think” series episode 1, ice cream business model.

Marketing Strategy

You can take images of your collection and decorated homes. You can also make a small testimonial video of your customers. These data you can put in your website. The biggest advantage here is, it will make your profile and website more attractive and genuine.

Now, you can promote your content to more and more audiences through the social networking site. This will increase your reach, more and more people will contact you.

How can you promote your content through social media? And how can you reach more and more people through organic promotion? Even how can you earn active and passive income through social media? If you want to get this in more detail then comment below.

Scaling business

6-7 months later, your sales increases. Now the time comes to scale your business. To scale your business, you need to increase your team because you cannot do all work by yourself. But before that, you need to give your mobile number and an online booking form. But this feature will only available for your city. Move and keep things easy. Do not make a high jump without planning and backup.

Suppose that you get 10 daily orders by visiting a society and 5 orders online . You get a daily profit of rupees 750. Also, you will get profit from digital media. Not only that, but you will also get 5% to 10% profit from pots and plants. It means that daily profit will be approx. 1500, which means 45000 rupees for a month. Even you can earn from an annual subscription pack from society you decorated prior.

Now you have enough income to hire 2 to 3 people for scaling your business.

How to convert the complete business to a system and run on autopilot mode? In how many pottery products businesses can be build? How to be the world’s biggest pot and plant brand? How you can create a job in the pottery business model.

We will discuss all these points in more detail in the next part. We will not only discuss these points but also we will move our business to the next level.

Comment on any question, suggestion, and any business-related problem. If you show your interest, we show ours.

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