How to chose the right career after 12 ( An important decision )

What to look at after the 12th? How to identify the right track, right career after 12? Whatever we choose will give us a stable job or not? These kinds of questions almost all students ask their parents, friends, relatives, school, and the internet.  But the truth is approximately 90% of students adopt an unhappy career, despite the availability of lots of information on the internet and other resources.

In this article, we will not discuss the career details, you can get that on other websites. But we will show you why it is important to choose the right career and how to make the right decision for the same.

Look inside yourself before choosing right career

Before asking questions, what is the right career for you? Have you ever seen what type of nature you possess? How much concentration power you have? What is the percentage of creative and logistic thinking in you? How much memory power you have? All the other questions related to your mind and abilities.

No other websites or your parents, friends, relatives and even your school guide you to find the right career according to your nature. Not even they educate you according to these above factors. They always say choose a career which can fetch easy money and require less work. You listen to them and follow what they say. Everyone else does the same.

In India, eight out of 10 people are not satisfied with their jobs i.e., 80% of the population in the job sector is not satisfied. The reason could be anything like low salary, overtime without pay, top competition, long work hours, fewer holidays, job insecurity, and many more.

Rat race

Every time you search for the right career, you will find some common results, like MBA and B. Tech. Most of the students go for these courses every year, which leads to high competition in these fields. This concept shows the rat race, many candidates, and fewer jobs. This is one of the biggest reasons for people not liking their jobs. If you pursue these courses without identifying your passion, you will be the same as others.

“If you run after money, you will run forever”. Instead of running after money, focus on what makes you happy, makes you feel it’s interesting. Make your profession.

Ask these questions to yourself and see what answers you get. If you love something and can go the entire day doing that without taking a rest, then it will be easy to find right career. But If you do not know your passion you need to do some smart work.

Why do you want to graduate?

Have you ever asked this question to yourself or from your parents, relatives, friends, and teachers? If you ask them how to graduate, everyone will give you knowledge. But if you ask why you have to be a graduate, the only answer that comes will be like this “ If you want to get an excellent job you have to do graduation”.

Why you need graduation, have you ever analyzed instead of just following?

 We will discuss this in more detail stepwise because it is the core problem of not choosing the right career.

Parents’ thoughts

If your parents tell you to be an engineer or doctor, it may be because of your family profession. In another sense, if your parents are doctors then they want you to be a doctor, if they are engineers, they want you to be an engineer, and so on. There may be some other reasons that your parents want you to listen to them like career safety, stable income, etc.  Suppose if your parents have any business then they want you to join it.

But the above reasons are quite rare. Most people belong to the middle-class, so parents want you to be rich. They see the most respected and high-income job and start dreaming of it and want you to be that.

School thought

In India, most respectable schools are English medium. These schools want their students to flourish in their school names. These schools focus to make a student get a high paid job. They think if they teach students well then a student can crack any good government or private job.

Now if you see another school rather than an English medium, they focus on completing their course and make students ready for a government job. They are only focusing on students to get a job instead of a high-paid job.

Note: In the above points we have only discussed the mission of a school. But it does not mean that they are doing their job well. Also, we will not discuss here the problems with the education system because it will be off-topic.

Coaching thought

Coaching is to complete your course. Their task is to improve your marks whether it’s your schooling or any other competitive exam.

Society thought

Society gives value to a person who is educated and rest becomes common. Every person wants to be special and show themself superior as compare to others. This creates high competition and social imbalance. Therefore it provokes the human mind to do graduation with a high degree in some highly reputed college.

If a student does not want to study after 12, society does not accept it and does not show any interest.

Education system thought

Have you ever noticed or had a doubt why the education system of India is teaching so many subjects to a student? Like English, Hindi, Moral Science, Art, Mathematics, Computers, etc., the answer is they believe if a student could not do well in science, still he/she can earn money through computers. The education system believes to make a student all-rounder, if one career gets closed for the student then others get open.

Corporate thought

The corporate world does not accept any candidate who does not clear graduation. According to them, only a high-quality candidate will able to add value to their business. A low profile candidate will be a liability for them. They even do not shortlist candidates for interview who score less than 70% in academics.

The actual reason for your graduation

Reading the above points have you noticed anything common? If yes, then what is it? Can you think of the answer in your mind? Anyway, the answer is everyone is only focusing on what is good for you instead of finding what you are good at.

It is up to you to see the reality and decide on it, or ignore the reality and blindly follow it.

Why did people fail in their life and struggle lifetime hoping to get rich?

This is a very interesting question and it is very necessary for you to know it because without reason you can’t make the right decisions.

The answer is it’s all about the choice, the decision. People are not taking decisions based on reality, instead, they follow the market trend. The reality is to think about your career based on your passion whether it is big or small.

There will be many chances that the passion you have will not lead you to be rich but it will definitely lead you to be happy, young, and human instead of a machine. We will try to understand this through a story.


A long time ago, when I was a kid, there was a boy who was studying in class 10 in a Hindi medium school. He was the son of my uncle, my father’s friend’s son. He failed in his 10th exam and tried next year and again failed. But he still didn’t give up, so brave he was. He still tried, but he again failed.

The brave boy now quit and ran away to Delhi city. After a few years, one day at night his father called my father to his home. I, my father and my sister went to his house. We saw him there with some electronic accessories. The accessories were surrounding all his rooms. He and his father showed us a deck with huge speakers. It was an audio deck and run by an audiotape cassette. Its sound was so impressive, I and my sister asked our father to buy it. And we took it to our home. It thrilled everyone at our home. We used it to listen to songs the whole day. It was a pleasant thing we had.

The boy returns

After a few days, we saw him with an enormous bag putting on his motorcycle. We then saw him many times traveling with his enormous bag. He opened a small shop in his drawing-room. Soon he filled up his house with much electronic material.

I used to take the tuition class of his younger brother. Every time I was there I saw someone come and buy some electronic material. His family members helped to sell the product to customers because most of the time he was not at home. He used to deliver the products to the nearby electronic shops.

The business begins

Soon he bought a shop for electronics. His business was to buy electronic products from Delhi and sell them to local customers. He was selling the electronic products at the wholesale rate and still, he earns the profit because electronic products are very cheaper in Delhi than in the city where he sells. The business was very simple anyone can do it with some basic knowledge.

The learning

90 percent of people scoring good in their academics are struggling in their life and a failed school dropout started a business. How he did it? The answer is very simple; he discovered his passion-based on reality. And the reality was if he follows the other students scoring well to get a job he may never succeed. So do you still think you need to focus on a popular graduation degree or need to discover your passion?

How to discover your passion

If you are still reading this, it means you want to decide based on reality. You need to discover your passion for reality. Because if you see around yourself there are many things which are popular but you can’t do everything, you can do only one, in which you are good.

There is a simple formula to discover your passion. But discovering means how you adopt the market, it’s not a market that adopts you.

Syncens Passion graph (SPG)

Syncens Passion Graph

Syncens Passion graph

Right Direction–Yes Love

Wrong Direction–No Love

Wrong Direction–Yes Love

Right Direction–No Love

Here ‘direction’ means the field/stream you have chosen is right career or not. In other words, the direction you are moving will lead you towards your passion or not. Example: the course/stream you have chosen in class 10 and will choose after class 12 will lead you towards your interest.

Whereas ‘love’ means whatever you are doing is really you like. Example: the career/stream you have chosen in class 10 and will choose after class 12, could you identify your interest in that. Can you work on it throughout your life with passion?

We will not go deep into this topic here, it will be very lengthy. The detailed topic “what is a passion” and “how to discover your passion” we will discuss in the next article. The article we will publish soon.

Conclusion – To chose right career

People are following others and follow the market trends without looking at themselves. These people later found themselves in a rat race. They complain every time about their jobs because they do not have any other choice.

So it is very important to choose the right career after 12. It’s actually now or never. Don’t stick in the crowd till it becomes too late.

Some of you may find nothing comes from inside. Here, you can observe yourself by Syncens Passion Graph(SPG) and how to come in the right quadrant i.e. Quadrant I. Find your passion before it’s too late.

Once you discover, it will be very easy to decide.

If you have any queries related to your right career, comment below we are always here to help you.

Helpful notes

Syncens is a system more than a technology of our new modern education. It will help you to find your right career, not on the basis of the market, but on the basis of your nature. It will help you to find your dream work (not a job) and guide you with the techniques to earn money from it. Better than those who are focusing on the rat race.

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