#1 Beauty Business Model: No Investment but big profit secret

Who can start a startup business in the beauty industry?

Any individual girl or woman of any age, group of girls/ women can start beauty industry careers. This article is based on the niche of the beauty industry, i.e. makeup business.

Note: This article is completely focused and targeted to women audience but it does not mean that males cannot do this. They can if they want but think from the respective point of view. If it looks hard then question below in the comment section- how a man can start this business. We will show that too.

In India, women do not get much chance to represent themselves. If any woman has made history, it’s because of her talent not because of Indian society. But everyone has a talent, then why women are lacking behind. What is the problem?

The problem is very simple, the problem is society. Males dominate women is an issue but women dominate women is a bigger issue.

Actually, the main problem is a mentality. Not the mentality of men but the women. Women think they cannot do any big, only men can. This is completely a myth in all women’s minds because there are lots of things only women can do.

# How to think : Beauty Business Model

Today’s is a very special topic based on “Women Entrepreneurship”. We will create a playlist of the business model for women. We will publish a variety of articles and videos on this topic back to back.

In these articles, we will see how to start a business in the beauty industry with zero investment. In the beauty industry, we will target makeup business ideas. How to start a business in makeup through a beauty parlor.

The very first beginning

There is a girl named ‘Nidhi’ 18 years old and recently passed her class 12th exams. She belongs to a middle-class family. Her father is a security guard and her mother is a housewife. 

She is the only daughter of her parents. Her family’s financial condition is not good, even they do not have their own house. They are living in a rented one.

Due to her family conditions, she decided not to continue her education because she wants to contribute and support her family.

Just imagine

Suppose, if you were Nidhi and it’s your family matter then what would you do. Comment below.

Now make the story more realistic, the girl Nidhi is you and you are facing the same problem.

How to identify your passion

Nidhi’s hobby was to do makeup all the time. Whether inside the home or outside, she always wore makeup. She was an average looking girl but still, she did makeup every day. Sometimes it made her laughable in front of everyone but she still used to do it.

Her friends called her,  “hey makeup girl”, “she is a makeup shop”, “complete makeup shop” and so on.

https://youtu.be/Dm8AdlY9MrU How to make easy money through Pottery Business

The bad habit, the good business

She was feeling sad but she was strong. Actually, this was not the first time people laughed at her. Many times it happened but she ignored it.  But this time situation was different because she was struggling financially.

This is a quality of brave people.

Understanding the passion

She was thinking “why people are coming on my makeup. But I don’t care about it. Is makeup is my hobby or it’s my passion. Oh yes! Makeup is my passion, I love it.” She understands her passion, it was not her hobby, it’s was her passion.

But suddenly something happened. When her friend called her a “makeup shop”, she got an idea.

She thought “I like makeup why should I not open a beauty shop”.

She was very happy that day. She went home and told the idea to her parents. Her parents replied, “Do you know how much money it will take to open a beauty parlor “. She said, “Dad I am not saying about a shop, I am saying about a business”. Her father said angrily “middle-class people only think about a job, not to create a job”. If it is hard for you to identify your passion, then observe the pattern of people’s behavior towards you. You need to observe the point very deeply on what point people laugh at you or point out your mistake.

Who can start a business, a rich dad’s child, or a poor dad’s child?

She believed in herself, she was brave, hard worker, and persistent. She convinced her parents about a beauty parlor job. She said “Ok! I agree I can’t start a business because it requires huge money but can I do a job in a beauty parlor”. Her parents didn’t want that too because like every parent they also wanted her to be an engineer or doctor.

Poor dad’s daughter

She needed some basic information and knowledge before going for a job. She started searching over the internet and found some beauty tips. She wanted to learn everything, not only about the body beauty but also the science behind the body because she was an entrepreneur by nature.

She found some courses on YouTube, Udemy, article, etc. and started working on it. But she also found the pattern that everyone is following and she got a new idea.

Within 6 months she got enough knowledge, now it’s time to go out. She found a nearby beauty parlor and joined there. She started getting a salary of Rs. 5000 per month. This was a bad time for her.

People are following the pattern and doing the same thing in their life whether its acquiring a job or creating written or video courses. This can lead to a kind of saturation and hard to make money.

Her parents, relatives, and even her friends all were disappointed with her career. They thought she is wasting her time and career because she had even not completed her graduation and started doing a stupid job. But she continued her job.

Rich dad’s daughter

There was another girl ‘Neha’, who was a friend of Nidhi. Nidhi and Neha were friends, not close ones, since school time. Neha belonged to a rich family. Her father was a businessman. He was owner of an IT company that has multiple branches in the country. 

Neha decided to do B.Tech. in IT/CS from a very good college. She knew, in the future, she will join her father’s business because she was the only child of her parents. She was very bold and liked to enjoy her life. For her, life was just a time pass because she had everything.

Rich girl vs poor girl

Neha and Nidhi in their point of view, they both wanted to do business. The only difference is that one wanted to start a business by herself and others by overtaking her father’s.

Note: If you think only Neha can do business because she already had or she can create a new one because she is rich. Then hold your patience, see the Nidhi’s story and then conclude who is really rich.

The beginning of the startup business

After a 6 months job, Nidhi quit. She went to her home, her parents got angry again. Her father said, “You yourself had decided to do a beauty parlor job and now you had quit”. She replied, “I had said to start a business not a job”. Her parents said, “All of your friends are doing B.Tech. and MBA to get a good job, only you are the one who is spoiling her career”.

The Deal

She realized and said, “Ok give me the time of 1 year, if I can’t start and run a business then next year I will join any graduation”.  Her parents agreed.

Initialization of the business

She was having at least 10000 rupees as a saving. She bought some makeup kit up to 6000 rupees. She opened a beauty parlor shop in her own house. Initially, she called her friends, relatives, and neighbors free of cost. She went to all her nearby houses to promote her shop. She charged a very low price from her customer because she was not focusing on money, her focus was on low budget marketing.

She put the name to her business “Attitude”. She made some pamphlets and distributed to all nearby societies. This increases a little bit of traffic.

Customers liked her service because she was not only using the cosmetic products but also using Ayurveda and natural ingredients. She was having the skill to understand skin and tissue. She was not depending on the product, it was she and her talent which made her one of the famous beauty artists there.

Can you see the marketing strategy of her, she was taking less price because if she does so, the customers will promote her by themselves.

If you want more marketing tips comment below.

Marketing and promotion

She knew if she keep doing this then she will only become a shop owner. She decided to market her business. She got a very good idea of marketing from her past experience. Remember she took six months of an online course.

She knew that over the internet the pattern of makeup. She started a YouTube channel named “Attitude”. She started posting her live beauty parlor work and also, she was explaining why and what to do. She was using her talent by explaining how skin can glow naturally which made her channel unique. 


Most people make the same mistake, they are only focusing on cosmetic products and beauty parlor skills. They are not focusing on what the product will do exactly, is there any better product or any natural product. They should have deep knowledge of tissue because every person has different skin. They do not have any deep knowledge of the chemicals used in the product. They only know to work, the copy past thing. They learn from any experience person and do the same without asking any question.

Making YouTube channel will make an asset for you. You will get passive income and it will promote your brand.

Passive income you can get by an advertisement which is small thinking. The big thinking is to provide a URL of the product you are using, taking, showing, and promoting. The benefit you will get will be if someone buys it you will get a commission. For example: for each purchase you will get a profit of 10%-20% it means on an average if overall subscribers are purchasing between Rs.2000-Rs.3000 you will get a profit of Rs.200-Rs.300/per day which means Rs.6000-Rs.9000/month. You are generating this income with no investment and extra efforts. And most importantly this income is exponential which means as your channel will grow your profit margin automatically increases i.e. it will go from thousands to lakhs.

 Which is more than the earning you get from the advertisement?

The business start

Till now whatever you have seen was not the business anyhow. A business is what when its process will execute in a system. In a simple words, if all the things happen systematically without depending on a person. Business is a system-oriented not a person-oriented.

She was getting famous due to her work but work pressure was increasing. Her earning was very good. Now she decided to hire two girls to help her. This increases the number of customers and earning.

After 2 years, she got enough skills and experience. Now, she decided to take a beauty parlor shop. She took a shop in a nearby place and made it as a head office. Earlier she had only one branch now she had two.

She started getting offers from the other big brands because she had a very big user base. The big brands started approaching her for their product promotion which gave her lots of money throughout the year.

Scaling business

But she did not stop here.  After 3- 6 months she upgraded her business by taking orders from wedding planners. She tied up with some good wedding planners to get an easy deal. To boost this she started promoting her own brand on her channel, Facebook. Instagram, etc. Some orders were coming directly also.

How many earning sources she had made

The following is the list-

  1. Her beauty parlor from all the branches
  2. YouTube Ads
  3. Website ads (to create website see our blog episode 2)
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Sponsorship programs
  6. Wedding beauty makeup

If you calculate it then it will be more than 50,00,000 a year, which is really a huge amount.

This is called a business.

Comment on any question, suggestion, and any business-related problem. If you show your interest, we show ours.

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