SYNCENS motive is to make the world a better place by making people financially independent and promote humanity, this will happen when majority of middle class people will think about creating jobs.

SYNCENS Programs

Education is a backbone of a nation. Today we all are well aware of the fact that our education system needs some reforms.
SYNCENS is a little effort to strengthen our education system and make people learn to be financially independent. Our goal is to overcome the problem of unemployment. That is only possible when people shift their focus from getting jobs to creating jobs.
It is necessary to provide financial and business knowledge to our students so that they can get quality rather than quantity of education.

Upskill Program

In SYNCENS Upskill Program, we showcase life and market reality to students and aspire them to build their bright future on their own.

Entrepreneurship Program

In SYNCENS Entrepreneurship Program, we discuss new business ideas and encourage people to implement it in the market.

Our Jobs

Business Counseling

Entrepreneurship program

Here you come up with any basic idea and transform it to a profitable business and understand business tactics


Interacting Student

Interacting Student

Take students to real companies for one day workshop to knowledge them how companies actually work